A major US professor insists that the American public is deliberately misinformed while the US government supports terrorist groups that have killed friend and foe alike.

    Press TV has conducted a revealing interview with Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote, professor at California State University in Irvine, to further discuss the issue.

    The following is a transcription of the interview.

    Just how serious is Washington about battling terrorism? The airwaves fill regularly with sanctimonious declamations about terrorist threats and with vows to pursue the war against them to its ultimate conclusion—a war without territorial limits, and with ill-defined opponents and no clear time horizon. A forever war. But to insiders, it is evidently a laughing matter.

    Rudy and the Terrorists: The MEK Terrorists Take Over Camp Liberty

    by Scott Creighton

    UN & Obama Supporting Islamo-Marxist Terror Group in Iraq              

    Written by Alex Newman  

     Are the MEK’s U.S. friends its worst enemies?

    The Wandering Terrorist: Where is MEK’s next destination?

    IVTC to introduce Iran MKO as terrorist

    I am a witness to the terrifying crimes of MKO
    I, Mehdi Khoshal , am the former member of PMOI( People's Mujahidin Organization of Iran).

    AnnLK Today program on GMTV (England)
    By: GMTV
    April 10 2007

    Dissident Iranians Live In Limbo In Iraq
    Heard on Morning Edition
    November 2, 2009 - STEVE INSKEEP, host:
    Iraq is trying to get rid of some unwelcome guests. The guests are a group of exiles from neighboring Iran. They are opponents of Iran's government, and they would like very much to be friends with the West, though they are also labeled a terrorist organization.
    The United States has protected this group of exiles in the past, but now Iraq's new government would like them to leave. NPR's Quil Lawrence reports on the reason.