New York - H. Albyaty Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations announced
     that the MKO (terrorist hypocrites), they openly interfer in the internal affairs of Iraq  and are trying to overthrow the Baghdad government.
     According to IRNA, H. Albyaty in a Security Council meeting today, said: MEK (hypocrites) are openly trying to overthrow the Iraqi government.
    He added that members of the said terrorist group are asking the Iraqi people to overthrow the central government.
    Iraq's permanent representative at the United Nations in another part of his speech mentioned an incident in Camp Ashraf and said:
    on april 7th, while The Iraqi forces were trying to establish a security check point in the north west region of the camp, residents attacked Iraqi forces with knives and hand grenades wich lead to a conflict
    H. Albayati said some camp residents were killed and injured while seven Iraqi forces were injured.
    he added that the Iraqi Force were  not trying to take over the camp or expel its inhabitant by force
    Permanent representative of Iraq to the UN pointed out that the Iraqi Government has
    allowed UN represntative and US forces to enter the camp to provide food and medicine to
     the member of the terrorist group.
    albayati asserted that the problem is MKO members believe th camp asraf to be a holy land and theirs. and are not willing to leave and this is inconsistent with Iraq Sovereignty
    Permanent representative of Iraq to the UN
    said US and EU , considered MKO a terrorist Organization inthe past and have put them in the terrorist list
    he also refferd to MKO 's crimes against the Iraqi people in the past and said that this terrorist group was cooperating with saddam hussein's regime and he used them as a means of repression against the Iraqi peoplein the past
    Albyaty said the Iraqi government has decided to expel the terrorist group from Iraq by the end of 2011

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